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It’s so easy to feel small in this great big ole world. No matter how much you do, it just seems to never be enough. No matter how pretty you are, you don’t feel pretty enough. Circumstances and challenges add more to the things bringing you down, minimizing your self-worth. You just feel small all the time. And if you’re in between jobs, coming off a fail relationship or facing insurmountable obstacles, you feel like an ant in a world of giants. You’re not where you thought you’d be ten years ago today. Your own unmet expectations continuously weigh you down. They sneak up on you like hidden fees and charges. This is not a problem for the so-called insecure. No matter how pretty, successful, famous or strong you are, old or young, we all suffer these moments. So how do you gain and maintain your confidence and sanity when you find yourself feeling so small so often?

Maintain Faith Posture

When the weight of life starts to cause you to shrink under the pressure, when the fear of the unknown causes you to wilt and when fear of failure starts to play mind games with your sanity, you must assume your faith posture. Faith Posture is both your foundation and your identity. Faith Posture if confidence and contentment in who God created you to be. Faith Posture is both foundation and identity; when you’re on solid ground, you will never slip, and when you fall, you won’t stay down. Your Faith Posture is knowing you’re grounded and rooted in God’s love, knowing His love is your protection, your comfort, strength and peace. No mater who comes and goes, He never leaves. No matter what disappointments arise, He’s your greatest success.

Your identity is your mental and spiritual foundation. Knowing who you are is vital to withstanding life’s discouragements and disappointments. Knowing that you are who God says you are and not what others think your are is crucial to our mental wellness and strength. When we try to find validation in people, relationships, career, education or money, we will always fall short. There’s always someone more beautiful, smarter, richer, more accomplished. But when we know that our value rests in God’s eternal love for us, we’re able to live empowered lives, not because everything is fine but because we know who we are and we know whose we are.

Allowing God’s love to be our greatest pursuit propels to empowering heights. There we are able to maintain the right perspectives and attitude, knowing that our worth, validation, accomplishments is becoming who God created us to be. When we allow His will for us to be our daily focus, even the challenging times work in our favor. So matter what you’re going through, no matter what challenge you’re facing, stand up straight, pick up your confidence and assume your Faith Posture and walk this out, knowing that the One who loves you is walking with you every step of the way. Remember, no matter how small you feel in this world, you’re a big deal to God.