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We learn at an early age what the most important days of our lives are, and we look forward to them. From our birthdays, Christmas to the last day of school or the first day of summer, we’re always looking ahead to a day of significance. But no day in our past or our future is more significant than today.

Yesterday is gone. So let’s shut the door to yesterday and it’s memories, expectations and feelings. Yesterday is behind us. Tomorrow is elusive. Today is all we have and all we’re guaranteed. It may not be your birthday, the last day of school, graduation day or Christmas but today is special in itself and all by itself.

No day in our lives means more than today. Don’t just overlook today because you’re busy looking ahead. Don’t dismiss a Monday because you’re eagerly awaiting on a Friday. Friday may never come. Embrace today’s preciousness. It’s a gift; appreciate today and cherish it. It may be your last.