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A Recent criticism of Tim Tebow is that he turns every insult into a compliment. Yes, with all the anger and hate in the world, someone actually complained about that. The writer even compared him to Buddy the Elf because Tebow refuses to get offended, angry and reactionary because of what someone says about him. But Tebow knows that what others think doesn’t change what he does nor does it define who he is.

The problem with what others think is they think we should all care. They think what they think should therefore change who we are. For me, the only people whose opinions matter in my life are a small circle of family and friends. Even for those individuals, if their opinions don’t line up with the word of God, I have to respectfully throw their opinions aside.

The problem with what others think is they think their opinions are truth. I recently had to check my own self when my feelings about a particular situation tried to override truth. A wise man recently said, “You shouldn’t believe everything you tell yourself. Feelings arent facts.” So if I’m not holding up my feelings and opinions as God, I definitely I’m not taking the opinions of others to heart.

We now live in a world where popularity rules. Forget what we know to be true, we want to be accepted. So we go along with the majority, even when we know the majority’s opinions are way off. We try to be all things to all people. We stand for nothing; so we fall for everything, every fad, every new age philosophy. If you don’t share a popular opinion you’re labeled.

A commentator is born every minute in the media. Everyday there are countless talking heads and an endless barrage of opinions on television, radio and internet. Because there are more opinions and way less truth in the media, everyone thinks their opinions matter to them and therefore it should matter to us. Newsflash, it doesn’t and that should be okay.