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It’s hot. Everyone is coupled up but you. No worries. You can still enjoy a summer of zero plus one. While hanging out with friends is one of the great things about summer, sometimes it’s best to spend some summer moments with yourself and by yourself. Whatever season of life you you find yourself, you must be content. There’s no promotion without contentment. Find ways to make the most of the time you have, especially when you’re single. If you don’t enjoy being with you, no one else will. Your self-love and contentment draw others to you. The following are five prescriptions for The Single Ladies Be Good to You Summer Mental Health Plan for the single and self-tisfied woman…

Beach by yourself
Taking a day to be one with nature and time is so vital to your mental well-being. Plus it does wonders for your spirit and complexion. Turn off your phone (unless you need GPS) and drive alone to the beach. Make sure it’s early morning on a weekday (you can take one mental health day off. Tell your boss: a happier you is a more productive you.) Put on your favorite songs and sing your way to the beach like the shower singing sensation you are. With your lunch and drinks in your cooler and favorite books and magazines in hand, walk to the beach in style. Lay down your oversized beach blanket and unfold your beach chair and prepare to soak in the sun and some much needed serenity. Pull out your journal or iPad and write down some thoughts and reflection, memorializing these priceless moments with you.

Spa day just for you
A massage. A manicure, pedicure and facial are all covered under the Be Good to You Summer Day Mental Health Plan. A massage releases tension and hidden stress. Not having raggedy feet is also good for you and the innocent strangers who have to share the planet with you and your feet. Plus these are all essential to your mental and spiritual well-being. Your body, including your feet, is the temple of God. No one wants to visit or be near a broken down temple. Take time to take of you. It’s your right and your responsibility.

Walk it out
Throw on your best, most comfortable walking gear and go for a long stroll. A nice lengthy, scenic walk is great exercise for both the mind and the body. A walk clears the head and strengthen the legs. It also provides much needed one-on-one time with you, to think and talk out loud to yourself. A nice walk will take you far, mentally and physically. Take a day and walk it out. You’d be glad you did.

Dinner for one
Having dinner alone in a busy restaurant with zero ambience when you’re single and alone is not ideal. Head to a quaint beach town. Find a restaurant overlooking the ocean or in a beautiful garden and enjoy a delectable meal with yourself. Take in the view and allow it to take you away. Focus on the moment, the breeze, the sounds of the ways. Quiet your busy thoughts and rest your uneasy mind. All you have is this very moment and this precious time with you. Enjoy it. Soak it up. It’s special and so are you.