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From the moment we’re born, we are somehow made to believe that time is something we can control. Timely expectations are set for us as soon as we enter this world: you’re supposed to talk by this age, walk by this age, start school at age, go to high school, college and start your career and have a family by thing age. We spend so much of our energy trying to master a calendar set for us by expectations.

We spend most of our lives trying to keep up with the calendar of expectations, judging ourselves when we fall short of meeting those expectations in those set times, while it seems the world and those around us are out-achieving us and winning a race that’s impossible to keep pace. We feel inadequate. Our lives then become inhabited by stress because stress comes from us wanting to make things happen before their time. We’ve thrust ourselves on the treadmill of expectations and we’ve become obsessed with being busy, we are all about the results not about the process.

Our prayer, wishes and desire is to have what we want when we want it and the manner in which we like. We want God to do things our way and in our timing. But God is more interested in our growth than our comfort. When we trust Him for everything and with everything in our lives, our lives are no longer a countdown of expectations but a moment by moment process in becoming the person God created us to be, which is the whole purpose of life…the becoming.