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Between Facebook and Twitter, my friends and followers have come to know of me. While I’m rather socialable, opening yourself up to friends and strangers can leave you vulnerable. Sharing your life, emotions, passions can put your flaws center-stage. What if you experience loss or hardship? You can’t run from life’s troubles or human weaknesses. Spoken or unspoken, our lives can be heard. It’s like a nonstop untelevised reality show playing in front of our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues.

I’ve always been a great lover of people, not because I crave their affection or validation. My relationship with Christ satisfies all that. When I think of how much God loves me, I’m so in awe of his love that I have to share the joy our relationship produces. Being a witness of Christ means embracing others, not just on happy days but in those heart wrenching and fallible moments.

My freedom to openly communicate with others isn’t because I’m super human or perfect. It’s simply because God’s love removes the fear of failure and affords me the freedom to just be me, making loving others my true nature.