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Tonight, I was talking to a young man who I love like my own son. We were catching up on his college life, challenges and growth. I began to share with him what God had taught me this year about patience and living one day at a time. We shared lots of laughs as I got caught up on the well-being of his amazing parents and siblings.

Bout a few hours later, this hit me: When Jesus said, “…you shall be my witness…” (Acts 1:8), he wasn’t referring that we’d all become pastors and missionaries. He simply meant that when we encounter people facing life’s challenges that we share what God has done in our lives, reminding them that in trouble, He’s a present help. In sorrow, He’s a comforter. In sadness and loneliness He’s a faithful and loving companion. When we fall, He’s not there to condemn us but with mercy and grace, He picks us up.

Being a witness for Christ doesn’t mean an absence of troubles or pain. Just means we’re a source of hope, strength, and authentic encouragement. This is uncommon love.