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Long time Baltimore Ravens linebacker and locker room leader, Ray Lewis, says he will  retire. Sidelined for the past two months with a torn triceps, the 17 year NFL veteran and heart and soul of the Ravens will be hanging up his cleats for good at the end of the season.  Known for his high energy play and infectious pregame speeches, Ray will definitely be missed. But who says those famous Ray Lewis skills, talent and energy aren’t transferable? The following are Top Five New Possible Careers Ray Lewis could equally succeed.


1. Congressman Ray Lewis

He may have no political experience, but he gets things done. With his impassioned speeches and record setting sacks and tackles, he will get things accomplished on Capitol Hill. With his bulging biceps, Ray will bring both Republicans and Democrats together. If the fiscal cliff taught us anything, it taught us that we need less politicians in Washington and more doers. Plus, ain’t no one saying no to Ray.

2. Ray Lewis, the Life Coach

Iyanla has nothing on Ray Lewis. Ray will fix your life by helping you to not run from your problems but to tackle them with intensity, fortitude and zero excuses. Forget rehab, when Ray tells you to stop smoking, you will. After a session with Ray, there’s nothing you won’t believe you can do even if you can’t do it.

3. Repo Man Ray

If Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get away from Ray, neither will folks late on their car payments. Unlike most repo men, Ray isn’t coming at night. No. He’ll show up at your job during the day, at the alter at your church on Sunday. He will ask for the keys to your car, and you will gladly give them to him.

4. 911 Operator Ray Lewis

“911, what’s your problem. I mean your emergency?” And you better have one. With Ray Lewis on the line, you better make sure you have a real emergency and you’re in need of emergency assistance. If your call isn’t deem an emergency, Ray ain’t getting you help but will tell you how to help yourself.

5. Mr. Lewis Gym Class

Obesity will no longer be an issue with Ray Lewis as America’s gym teacher. No excuses. No notes. Your child will work out and be in the best shape of his or her life. First graders will have muscles. Your kids will play football. No more dodge ball. Your scholar will be an athlete.

With all these options and more, Ray Lewis will be as successful in his NFL retirement as he was tearing through offensive lines and reeking havoc on unsuspecting quarterbacks. Sunday won’t be the last we see of the irreplaceable and infectious Ray Lewis.