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No other day in the week is more celebrated than Friday. Face it, America. We love our Fridays. Fridays are our weekly Independence Day. It’s our Fourth of July every week. As if you needed me to tell you, but the following are five reasons we all love Fridays.

Friday is our Yellow Brick Road

Leaving our workplaces on Fridays is the entrance into liberation. Friday says that for the next two days, you and only you have control of your own life and destiny. You are now the boss of your time (at least for the next 48 hours). That’s enough to make us hop and dance onto the road, subways, highways that lead us back to the place where we’re king: happy hour and home.

Friday is our fun day

The thought of disrespecting our alarm clock when it tries to bully us on Saturday is enough to make us smile in the middle of our work day. Sleeping in as late as we want on Saturdays and Sundays is what makes Fridays in America so well worth it. Friday leads us into the two days where we can do as we please for as long as it pleases us. We can go out to a four-hour dinner date with friends without looking once at our watch because our Saturday mornings belong to us and only us.  Friday is the day to let our hair down because we don’t have to comb it the next day if we don’t want to.

Friday is our entrance into 48 hours of leisure 

Friday permits us to focus on us. All week, it’s been about the job, the deadlines, the work. Friday says tonight and tomorrow are all about me; time to focus on the things I’ve ignored and neglected all week because I’ve been living and breathing to get to work on time. Friday says now I can clean my bathroom, go on a date, pay my bills, finish that book or crawl in bed with Netflix. Friday is our day.

Friday is our day of empowerment

All week, you’ve sat next to people you can’t stand. Smiled at a boss you wish had never been born in this country or century. You’ve had to share breathing space with people you don’t like and do things you don’t enjoy. Friday is your day to get away from them for the next 48 hours. That’s reason enough to start dancing at 4:59. The thought of not having to see their little corporate faces, be subject to their gossiping sessions and laugh at their unfunny Youtube jokes is enough to fill your eyes with tears of joy.

Friday means football is near

There’s no time of the year when Friday is more celebrated than the fall. Football season is enough to make you get on your knees and thank God for Fridays. Friday is the day before college football, where you can sit on your couch undisturbed for hours watching your favorite grid iron college teams. If this wasn’t enough, here comes Sunday in all of its glory. You head out for early service where the preacher, also a football loyalist, finishes his sermon two hours before kickoff, leaving you free to spend the rest of your day watching NFL games. All this could not have happened without Friday.