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Recently I was having a heart to heart with a close friend of mine. We’re both in our forties with adult and teen children. We were talking about our current and future struggles, but mostly our future struggles. I realized that most of our concerns were in the future, as in tomorrow, next month and next year. We get so used to what life is that sudden change or loss makes us unsure of the future. We have no idea what this new journey is going to be like or look like and that’s often a frightening place to be. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, gripping us into a state of present despair and emotional perplexity.

Then I remember a powerful truth: Life always gets overwhelming when we try to figure out next month or next year today. That’s not our place, and it’s not in our control. Whatever we need, we trust God to provide no matter what the need. When we need strength, love, emotional support, peace, wisdom, direction, we know He got us. So trust Him everyday with our daily future. Let tomorrow take care of itself and let God take care of us today.